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Standard Fee is $200.00
Psychotherapist & Counsellor
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Days: Mon, Tues
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Get to know Harry

Harry, licensed Psychotherapist & Counsellor, believes it a privilege to walk alongside you on your journey, wherever you happen to be.

He spent over ten years working in the construction industry and experienced first hand the stigma around mental health. This experience enriched his practice in many ways and he feels blessed to be working in a field that aligns with both his personal interests and values. Harry understands the emotional difficulties you may face when stuck in environments that invalidate and bring you down.

The counselling room is where Harry will help you find equilibrium and the skills to navigate the complexities of life.

Sydney Mental Health

As an integrative Psychotherapist & Counsellor, Harry is passionate about helping you work through the impact of developmental trauma. Together you will reach deeper levels of knowing and explore the nervous system, attachment, and your relationship to yourself and others. Committed, transformative therapy is the way with Harry.

He draws on (but is not limited to) the following schools of thought: Psychodynamic, Somatic, Parts work, Mindfulness, Evolutionary & Positive Psychology. You’ll flourish when working with Harry as you’ll learn to make sense of things in a multi-layered, holistic way. His approach is caring, compassionate and down-to-earth but Harry will challenge you too.

Harry’s tip for Cultivating Body Awareness

“I’m a huge advocate of cultivating body awareness. The body has a language of its own that predates our rational mind. Tune into this language. Cultivate the mind-body connection through psychotherapy, body-scan meditations, mindful walking, yoga, breath work, etc. There is fantastic literature (both modern and ancient) on the relationship between the felt sense of our body and our capacity for deep presence, gratitude.

Like anything, it’s a practice! The more we attune to our felt sense, the more familiar we become with our bodies.. this increases our likelihood of practicing self-care, enforcing boundaries, listening inwardly. When working with trauma, incorporating the body is essential.”

My therapy song…

KANSAS – Dust in the Wind