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About Our Online Counselling

Sometimes life gets out of control. Before you know it, you feel like you’re spiralling with no end in sight. But if you’re reading this, you’ve taken the all-important first step by acknowledging you need a helping hand.

There’s nothing wrong with needing a hand, and who better to give you one than our team. We didn’t want to go with the grain and make telehealth counselling super clinical – we wanted our online counselling to feel like you’re chatting to a friend (your most highly qualified friend).

Whatever you’re going through, The Indigo Project has your back, with Australian online counselling services wherever you are, whenever you want.

Online Counselling vs. Traditional Therapy

Traditional therapy is great, but let’s face it, it’s not for everyone.

Here’s why online counselling should be your new normal:

  • Your Space, Your Rules: Therapy in your PJs? Why not!
  • No Travel Drama: Save time and skip the traffic.
  • Privacy Plus: It’s just you and your counsellor online, no waiting rooms, no awkward bumping into your neighbour in the waiting room.
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Online Counselling: Where You Need Us Most

Our online counselling isn’t just about overcoming challenges, it’s also about building connections. It’s about creating a space where you can be heard, understood, and supported. Plus, with our telehealth counselling options in Australia, getting support is simple – and in the palm of your hand. It’s therapy adapted to your lifestyle, ensuring you always have a helping hand, no matter where you are or what you’re going through.

Let’s make mental health care a seamless part of your life.
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Types of Online Counselling We Offer

  • Telehealth Counselling Australia: Tap into therapy from anywhere.
  • Anger Management Therapy: Keep your cool and learn some handy tricks.
  • Grief Counselling: For those tough times when you’ve lost someone or something dear.
  • NDIS Counsellor: Tailored support – because everyone’s story is different.
  • Anxiety, Depression & Trauma: Whatever it is you’re dealing with, our therapists are here to lend an ear and give practical strategies to add to your toolbox.

For a deeper understanding of the online psychologist services available, be sure to explore our Services Page. There, you’ll find detailed information about the types of treatments we offer to support your mental well-being.

The Ins and Outs Of Online Counselling

We understand it can be daunting to spill your guts to a total stranger. So, to demystify the process, we thought we’d break it down for you.

Your first online counselling session will be a get-to-know-you, chatting about your background and getting an understanding of what it is you want to tackle. Then we’ll get into the weeds in later sessions, digging deeper and learning strategies to make life easier and hopefully get you feeling like you can take on the world once again.

Before your first session, we recommend getting your phone or computer all set up around 5 to 10 minutes beforehand. Make sure your microphone and video are both working and get comfy before your telehealth counselling session. If you’re feeling a little unsure about what to talk about, you can jot some points down, but no pressure.

Jumping into Online Counselling

Ready to give it a go? Here’s how:

  • Find Your Match: Get matched with one of our online counsellors using our Get Matched tool.
  • Book a Session: Choose a time that suits your schedule.
  • Get Comfy: Log on in one click and start your journey towards feeling better.
  • Perfect Match Promise: If you don’t gel with your online counsellor after the first or second session, we’ll rematch you and cover the cost of your next appointment.

Embracing Change: The Power of Online Counselling

Change can be tough, but when it comes to getting help, it should be as easy as a night on the couch bingeing Netflix.

That’s what our Australian online counselling is all about. It’s not just a chat; it’s about finding someone you completely gel with, who understands what you’re going through – and has the tools to help. Whether you’re dealing with everyday stress, bigger life challenges, or just looking for a space to vent, our online counsellors are here. They’re real people who’ve faced real challenges, so they know the score. They’re here to help you navigate your telehealth counselling journey, not just with advice but with empathy and understanding.

We’re Here for You: Every Step of the Way

At The Indigo Project, we believe in making mental health support accessible, relatable, and, most importantly, effective.

Our online counselling services are here to support, guide, and empower you. Whether you’re seeking online counselling, connecting with an online psychologist, or looking into specific therapies, we’ve got your back.
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