Annia Baron

Clinical Psychologist (She/Her)

Anxiety & Stress





Life Transitions

Pregnancy/Post Natal Depression & Anxiety

Grief & Loss


Rates & Availability

Standard Fee is $295.00
Clinical Psychologist
($141.85 Medicare Rebate*)
Out-of-pocket is $153.15

Couples Fee is $350.00 (No Medicare Rebate)

Days: Tue, Thur, Fri
Online via video call

* The Medicare rebate is available to clients under the Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative.

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Sensitive & Gentle

Get to know Annia

Annia Baron is a Clinical Psychologist who believes in the freedom psychology gifts us; the permission to care about ourselves more deeply, and how this reverberates into creating meaningful relationships and greater connection to how we want to live. 

Annia lives for the moments when something shifts; old patterns prune away and new seeds are planted. Those moments when clients witness themselves becoming a healthier, vibrant and more loving version of themselves – that’s magic. 

“We’re all just walking each other home.” Ram Dass

Whether it’s a new mum breaking free from the guilt of “not being good enough”, or seeing a man whose societal expectations led him to bury his emotions suddenly embrace himself more compassionately… Being part of someone’s journey of change is humbling. It’s enlivening. It’s the most beautiful reminder that we are all the same –  and that sometimes, it only takes something small to experience the magnificence of coming home to yourself.

Annia works with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. These include mindfulness tools and stress reduction strategies like breath work, progressive muscle relaxation or tapping. Annia loves seeing these approaches empower us with the tools that free us from having to ‘fight’ with our negative thoughts – but instead enable us to create a whole new peaceful relationship with them.

Annia’s quick tip for feeling stuck: “The Breath Of Joy”

Take three short breaths in, and one long breath out coupled with easy body movements to get the blood flowing and the spark of appreciation back into your life. It can be done standing up or sitting down.

1.        One short, sharp breath in as you raise your arms up straight towards the sky

2.        Another short, sharp breath in as you bring your arms horizontal (making a T-shape with your body), palms facing up

3.        And a final short, sharp breath in as you bring them back up towards the sky 

4.        Then as you slowly exhale, drop your arms down and enjoy a forward bend, letting everything just hang. Repeat 3-5 times. 

From Annia:

I lost my dad when I was 19 (cancer) and started losing my mum when I was in my 20s (early onset dementia). Both have been poignantly devastating and gentle reminders of how everything in this life – the good, the bad, the high and the low – are all part of our human condition. Perhaps it’s given me the ability to hold space for others in a way that is both nurturing and soft, and also in a kick-up-the-butt kindness, I’m here to cut-through-the-crap sort of way.

Being a new mama, I’m enjoying immersing myself in the wisdom of our tremendous nervous system, including the elements connected to pregnancy, and how it can power and recalibrate our physical, psychological and spiritual evolution. 

What I’m Up To…

Nothing beats an ocean dip or going to my favourite secret water hole for some Wim Hoff style cold water therapy. But mostly, it’s practising my newfound love of handstands and yoga inversions in our backyard. The soft grass makes it easier to fall on my face!

My therapy song…

Fever To The Form – Nick Mulvey