A Sydney psychology practice that thinks creatively about mental health.

We believe that it’s important to break the stigma of seeing a therapist and taking care of your mental health. That’s why we’ve created The Indigo Project. We want you to feel cared for, understood, and at home. Life is full of challenges, but we’re here to help you to find your wisdom and way forward. With over ten incredible psychologists & life coaches, and a calendar of workshops and events – we’re here to help you get your shit together.

So, what makes us different?

Therapy can often feel clinical. We speak your language. We’re on your wavelength.

It’s not all chat. We empower people with practical tools and tips to manage their minds.

Our therapists are real people. They’ve been through the hard stuff so they can help you navigate your bumps with experience.

We give a shit. We’ve thought about every step of your journey, and want it to be as considered as possible. You matter.

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Our Perfect Match Promise

Looking for a psychologist in Sydney? Meeting a therapist for the first time can feel like a first date. If you don’t connect with your psychologist after your first or second session, we’ll pair you with a new practitioner and your next session will be on the house*. We’ve got your back.(*T&C’s Apply)

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“Going to therapy can be nerve-wrecking. I’m proud of our hand-picked team, they care so much about the people coming in. This is a place where you can truly feel safe.”
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Mary Hoang, Founder and head psychologist at The Indigo Project Surry Hills


Courses & Events

Take a ride into the mind. Our courses, workshops and events are designed to transform the way you think, feel and live. 

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Indigo X is our experience studio. Check out our mind-blowing immersive events, as seen at We’re All Going to Die Festival, VIVID Sydney and the Art Gallery of NSW.  

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