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How To Deal With Anxiety

  • How To Deal With Anxiety

    How To Deal With Anxiety

    7 – 9:30 PM | WORKSHOP
    MON 15TH APR

    Breathe. Anxiety is not a life sentence.

    What Makes You, You

    In the moment, anxiety feels like a roadblock. You literally can’t see past that fear or thought to the point where you quickly arrive at worst-case scenarios, often manifesting in the physical form; panic attacks, a tight chest, breathlessness… Sometimes without an obvious trigger. It can seriously wear you out.

    But there’s plenty you can do to help. In this dynamic workshop, we’ll introduce you to proven strategies for managing your anxiety and explore the effects it’s having on your body, mind, behaviour and relationships. With that awareness, you can start to transform your relationship with anxiety, and your life.

    Led by Indigo psychologist Rashida Dungarwalla, you’ll begin to understand how anxiety is holding you back, discover practical tips for managing your mind and learn how to train that negative little voice in your head to become more self-compassionate.

    What You Will Learn

    • How to engage with your anxiety differently
    • How our minds are wired to be anxious and the role that evolution plays
    • How your body naturally responds when anxious
    • How to use your breath to manage anxiety
    • Relaxation techniques to help manage anxiety
    • How to use self compassion in moments of pain
    • Insight into your anxiety and how it affects your thoughts and behaviour
    • An awareness of how anxiety affects your relationship with yourself and others



    Rashida is a psychologist here at The Indigo Project. Her youth was spent living all over the world, in particular England and Kenya, exposing her to various cultures and ways of living, and developing her understanding of how different cultures create connections and experience emotions.

    Rashida was drawn to the field of psychology at a young age, curious about people’s journeys as she tried to make sense of her very own psyche.  Having gone through her own mental health journey, she believes that working on your mind allows you to reflect, develop and grow.

    The Important Stuff

    DATE: Mon 15th Apr
    TIME:  7 – 9pm
    LOCATION: 33 Foster Street, Surry Hills
    COST: $40
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    22 available
    How to Deal With Anxiety$40.00
  • Listen Up: Guided Album Experience

    Listen Up


    Feel music like never before.

    A girl listens to music and journeys into her mind

    Take a colourful journey through your mind at our contemporary sound bath as we guide you through a sonic experience designed to enhance your relationship with both sound – and yourself.

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    When did you last give music your undivided attention?

    Listen Up has become a cathartic process for many; some describing it as a soundtracked therapy session. Offline, lights off, with phones away, you are granted the space to explore thoughts and emotions – untethered from the world. Some come for relaxation, others to process the past. Everyone is here for the music.

    Immersive Music Experience at The Indigo Project

    Turn on, tune in…

    You are guided by our head psychologist Mary Hoang, through an immersive experience that combines modern psychology and mindfulness techniques while taking a journey through music.

    Expect to enhance the way you listen to music, while heightening your awareness of the inner workings of your mind. We’ll open your mind and senses to the power of tuning out of everyday noise and tuning in to a world of sound.

    “Listen Up takes people by surprise with its emotional effects”



    Principal Psychologist (The Indigo Project)

    Creative Director (The Indigo Project)

    Establishing The Indigo Project, a psychology and mindfulness practice, in 2012, Mary Hoang helps people manage their overactive modern minds. An in-demand speaker and media commentator, Mary’s expertise in utilising mindfulness to unlock creativity and achieve balance continues to gain popularity among people ready to take control of their lives.

    The Important Stuff

    DATE: Sat 13th April
    TIME: Live event 4 – 6 pm
    Drinks from 6pm
    LOCATION: 33 Foster Street, Surry Hills
    COST: $50
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    Tickets for workshops are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please see our T&Cs for more info.


    44 available
    Listen Up - April$50.00
  • What Makes You, You?

    What Makes You, You?


    Understanding yourself is key to self-confidence, self-worth and intentional living.

    What Makes You, You

    While that may appear to be an overwhelming task, all it takes is the contemplation of some key questions.

    Develop insights into your mind, habits and personality in this hands-on event all about you. Under guidance from an Indigo therapist, you’ll partake in a series of inquisitive questions and exercises to help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, while connecting with a like-minded community.

    This Workshop Is Perfect For

    • Anyone seeking a deeper connection to themselves
    • Soul-searchers looking to better understand their traits, habits and mind
    • Curious people looking to tackle life’s bigger questions
    • Those wanting to develop greater self-awareness
    • Those looking to connect with a supportive, inspired community of like-minded people


    Provisional Psychologist & Mindfulness Practitioner

    A passionate provisional psychologist, certified yoga teacher and mindfulness practitioner, Martha is on a mission to help people understand themselves in order to live a life of meaning and purpose. She brings an inspired approach to her teaching and draws on mindfulness, positive psychology and yogic philosophy to take students on a journey to nourish both the body and mind.

    The Important Stuff

    DATE: Sat 6th Apr
    TIME:  10am – 12 pm
    LOCATION: 33 Foster Street, Surry Hills
    COST: $40
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    Tickets for workshops are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please see our T&Cs for more info.


    18 available
    What Makes You, You? - Apr$40.00