Shuktika Bose

Clinical Psychologist (She/Her)



ADHD & Autism




LGBTQI+ Issues

Sexuality & Gender


Rates & Availability

Standard Fee is $295.00
Clinical Psychologist
($141.85 Medicare Rebate available*)
Out-of-pocket is $153.15

Days: Tues, Wed, Thur
Online via video call

* The Medicare rebate is available to clients under the Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative.

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Sensitive & Gentle

Tough Love

Get to know Shuktika

If you ask what Clinical Psychologist Shuktika Bose is fascinated by, she’ll tell you that it’s human behaviour. What makes people tick, the ways in which we act and interact with the environment around us and how our individual life experiences change these interactions, is what has always drawn her to psychology. She believes that everyone deserves to thrive – whatever that looks like for them – and that unlocking self-awareness regarding your strengths and areas for improvement are excellent first steps in the right direction.

Shuktika’s openness to new experiences – in the forms of travel, music, food, people, sports, arts, and work – has shaped her to be the type of therapist that she is today. A seasoned musician, Shuktika has performed for audiences of all sizes since she was a little girl, written her own music and played countless gigs (which is how she met her partner, who was touring with his band). Shuktika genuinely believes that all of these varied experiences have made her more open-minded, relatable, and approachable as an individual and therapist.

Clinical Psychologist Shuktika’s therapeutic style is as directive or as flexible as you need. Everyone is unique, which means that a cookie-cutter approach won’t cut it for most people – it certainly didn’t work for Shuktika as a client herself!

Shuktika has skills in a number of modalities such as ACT, CBT, Schema, EMDR, Mindfulness, Person Centred Therapy and more, but the ability to utilise multiple modalities as and when needed by you is key. Most importantly, she believes that her ability to simply hold space for you to speak, and to reflect back your innermost thoughts, is what makes the most difference.

Shuktika’s quick tip…

You can’t change how you act.
You can only change how you react.

Your reaction is within your control.

Outside the therapy room you’ll find Shuktika…

1) Walking along the Ocean View Lookout Track in Burleigh Heads with the late afternoon breeze, earphones in, listening to an episode of the Wrongful Conviction podcast.

2) Sitting on the floor of my loungeroom listening to jazz and creating a Lego masterpiece with my adopted short-haired domestic cat Winston sleeping beside me.

3) Cooking up a culinary storm and experimenting with new flavour profiles (I love Asian flavours like Korean, Japanese, and Indian/Bangladeshi and am a big fan of fusion cuisines)!

burleigh heads

What I’m listening to…

DON’T YOU WORRY CHILD – Swedish House Mafia

A book about using Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) approaches for couples. Also “No Bad Kids, Toddler Discipline Without Shame” by Janet Lansbury.”