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Grief Counselling: Your Lifeboat Through Loss

Sadly, losing someone or something you love is an experience we all go through at some point in life. Grief is the response to loss that immensely impacts your life – and it’s not limited to death. Grief can be a loss of trust, loss of an imagined future, loss of health, loss of purpose or loss of safety.That’s where online therapy, or more specifically, grief and loss counselling, comes in. It’s not about hitting fast-forward on your emotions, it’s more about finding your way through the storm at your rhythm. Our online grief and loss counselling is like having someone to help you steer through those waves.

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There is no ~right way~ to grieve

Grief & Relationships Relationships are what make life worth living, it’s what we as humans need to survive and thrive. As we move through life, we develop strong connections with people (parents, friends, teachers, your first love), places (family home, where you proposed, your garden) and possessions (a photo, a note, family heirloom). We experience grief when these people or things are gone.

Unfortunately, there’s just no magic button you can press to get over grief, not even with an online psychologist. It comes out in different ways; some prefer public displays of emotion and sharing grief online. Others grieve silently, preferring solidarity. For some, grief is more easily managed, and for others, it takes time. Grief is personal, exhausting, and all-consuming – it is something we learn to carry as we continue to move through life. We know we have managed grief when we find we are again able to function day-to-day, whilst carrying the loss. Reminder: this does not mean you stop missing the person or don’t care about the loss experienced, it means we are no longer crippled by the pain.
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Get Matched

Online Grief Counselling Australia: Here for You, Anywhere, Anytime

When you’re dealing with loss, even the small stuff can feel like a mountain. That’s why we’ve taken our grief counselling online, so no matter where you are in Australia, you can get the support you need right from your safe space – your home.

  • Access Made Easy: No travel, no worries.Grief counselling online is just a click away, all without leaving your comfort zone.
  • Perfect Match Promise: We search high and low for our therapists so you can find your one. If you don’t gel after the first or second session, we’ll rematch you and cover the cost of your next appointment.
  • Your Schedule, Our Support: We work around your life. Book sessions when they work for you.
  • Privacy is Key: When we chat, it’s a closed book. What’s shared in grief counselling sessions stays in the session. Your privacy is incredibly important to us.

Understanding Grief: It’s More Than Just Feeling Sad

It’s helpful to keep in mind that:

  • It’s Unique to You: Everyone’s grief journey is different, and that’s okay.
  • Supportive Space: Our grief counselling online provides a safe space to express and understand your feelings.
  • Healing at Your Pace: Healing doesn’t have a timeline, and we respect that.

Holistic Grief Counselling: Beyond Loss

We understand that grief isn’t just a single emotion; it’s a complex blend of feelings and experiences. So, we’ve got a range of support to match that.

Our grief counselling? It’s all about covering every part of your mental health journey. Our therapists have progressive approaches to anxiety and trauma – which may come up when dealing with loss.

If you’re up for a deeper dive, our online psychologists are here to help you unpack all those feelings with depression counselling. And if grief’s got you feeling more heated than heartbroken, our anger management therapy is ready with ways to help you chill out and find your zen again.

Beginning Your Grief Counselling Journey

Thinking about starting grief counselling can be overwhelming, but we’re all about making it feel more like a chat with a friend than a daunting task. Here’s how you can jump in:

  • Get Matched: We’ll find you a grief and loss counsellor who truly gets you.
  • Schedule on Your Terms: Choose a time that slots into your life easily.
  • Start Your Healing Process: Kick off your grief counselling journey in a space that’s all about understanding and support.

Get On Board With Grief Counselling

At The Indigo Project, we understand that dealing with loss is one of life’s hardest challenges. Our grief counselling services, available online and throughout Australia, are crafted to offer both compassionate support and practical strategies to help you manage your grief. Whether you’re facing the complexities of loss for the first time or seeking additional support, we’re here to walk this path with you.

Remember, navigating grief with grief and loss counselling in Australiais more about the journey than reaching a certain point. We’re here to support you every step of the way, offering a listening ear and a guiding hand.

If you’re seeking insight into navigating the stages of grief, this blog offers a comprehensive exploration. Take a moment to understand each stage and learn about the journey of healing.

Start your healing process with us. Your feelings are completely valid, and you’re not alone in this.
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