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Rates & Availability

Standard Fee is $255.00
Senior Psychologist
Standard fee: $255 ($93.35 Medicare Rebate available)
Out-of-pocket: $161.65

Days: Mondays, Thursdays
Online via video call

* The Medicare rebate is available to clients under the Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative.

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Get to know Bre

In my therapy sessions, I am passionate about creating a safe space for exploration, reflection and personal growth. It is incredibly fulfilling to be a part of my clients’ change journey, and to empower the development of meaningful and realistic goals. 

Think of me as a sounding board and accountability partner, here to offer feedback as you progress towards a purposeful life that is unique to you.

I strive to offer an alternate lens through which you can view your world and spur the development of a practical tool kit you can draw upon as you navigate life’s inevitable twists and turns. 

I enjoy working with adults at different life stages whether you’re navigating life’s changes and relationships, seeking clarity and practical skills to specific challenges, in the midst of navigating the complexity involved in leadership or career growth and also, supporting fellow parents.

“We are not what happened to us, we are what we choose to become.”
― Carl Jung

I primarily use therapies including Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), incorporating Mindfulness and Somatic elements.

In my experience, these evidence-based approaches are effective in improving my clients’ lives by enabling them to achieve greater self-understanding and bring awareness to their thoughts, behaviours, feelings and sensations.

By creating some distance from our stories, and building our awareness of them, we start to understand our ‘go to’ modes. From there, we can begin to make a conscious choice about whether aligning with these enables us to show up for what is important and ultimately still serves us.

I have had an extensive career in consulting and business psychology, holding senior management roles and leading global teams. Throughout, I have worked with many corporate and public safety organisations to develop selection and development strategies, managed career transition programs and, delivered executive coaching.

My background has fostered an interest in work-life balance, stress-management and, reiterated the importance of having clarity of one’s own values and purpose when pursuing meaningful goals. In addition to private practice, I have also worked with veterans experiencing PTSD, anxiety and depression with a focus on implementing trauma informed mindfulness practices to develop emotional regulation and coping strategies and improve attention and focus.

Bre’s Tip For Improving Your Attention & Focus

1. Turn your attention inward (two eyes in) and notice any sensations or subtle movements. What does your body need right now? Notice any emotions. Notice the content and quality of your mind. Are there areas where you feel disconnected?

2. Now, shift attention from inside to outward (two eyes out). Look at the world around you. What do you see? What do you hear? What do you feel? Who and what is important right now?

3. Toggle between checking inwards and honouring your internal experience and needs and, turning outwards to focus on who and what is important. You get to choose where you put attention.

Outside The Therapy Room…

Outside of work, I enjoy walks along Noosa River with my cavoodle, Chester,  listening to a podcast (currently loving “On Purpose”) or Australian hip hop.  You’ll find me at a reformer Pilates class or yoga several times a week.

We’ve recently been renovating, and I have enjoyed the creative process of design; I also started a veggie garden but have had mixed success!

On the weekend, I’m usually at the beach with my husband and two children, reading a book, playing board games or simply enjoying nature and the sunshine. 

My Therapy Song…

Karma – Taylor Swift