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  • Friendship breakups: The most untold love story

    There are a lot of unhelpful myths about friendships. The biggest myth being that a friendship with your "BFF" will last forever. Unlike our romantic relationships, where there is an understanding that it may not work out, generally, we all assume that our friendships will always be around. We expect that will be old biddies retiring together.
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  • Little ways we invalidate (without meaning to)

    Emotions are messy, and many of us were never taught how to be around our own (let alone other peoples) in any kind of supportive, compassionate or understanding way. We can accidentally fall into the trap of invalidating peoples emotions and experiences, out of habit, comfort, confusion or naivety. Here are some of the common blunders we make when validating others - and a few ways to fix them.
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  • Boundaries – when you’re doing them wrong

    Boundaries are a must when it comes to honouring our relationships with ourselves and with other people. But they can be tricky to get right. Below we explore some common slip-up's when it comes to boundary setting - which we're likely all guilty of at some point or another. Check out if some seem to be occurring more regularly with you and how you might shift towards setting more useful boundaries.
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  • Why relationships might feel tough right now

    Feeling like your relationships are a bit of an uphill slog at the moment? You're not alone. When dealing with our own personal challenges, it can feel tough to show up completely, in empathetic and supportive ways, for those around us. But here's how we can try...
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  • Communicating with difficult people: A how-to guide.

    Communication is essential when it comes to connecting with others, setting clear and assertive boundaries and getting our needs met. But at times, we are confronted with people who might not be as cool with open and calm communication as we are. Below are some helpful tips when it comes to talking to people who might be, at times, a little challenging to communicate with…
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  • 5 biggest myths about what “real love” is

    Love is great. Love is good. We’re all for love here at Indigo, but we also see a lot of popular myths floating around when love is involved. We wanted to debunk a few of these firmly entrenched myths that continue to shape and warp our idea of what “real love” is…
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  • Is your relationship co-dependent?

    Do you find yourself giving so much in a relationship and receiving little support from your partner in return? Do you feel frightened at the prospect of being away or apart from your partner for any period of time? Do you find yourself always needing to fix, repair or overbearingly nurture your partner? Do you feel unable to express yourself honestly & vulnerably to your partner, fearing you’ll hurt them, anger them or they’ll leave you? Do the emotion states of your partner completely overtake and overwhelm you to the point that you can’t connect with your own feelings?
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