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  • How To Be “Successful”

    It can help to expand our understanding of what success means for us - what it looks like, what it feels like, and even entertaining the idea that is is something we are all worthy of, even right now, in this very moment. To do that, why not start by considering the following questions...
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  • Journaling: A How-To Guide

    Journalling has been shown, time and time again in the research, to be something that helps us manage our mental health and develop a deeper understanding about our thoughts, feeling and behaviours. Some of the benefits of journalling include: Helping to manage anxiety, Reducing stress, Dealing with depression, Helping you prioritise goals and clarify values, Helping you work through problems, fears and obstacles
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  • The Problem with Goals

    Goals can offer us direction and something to work towards. But what is sometimes not spoken about is how goals can actually be not-so-helpful in a few different circumstances, in fact, they can actually hinder our progress.
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  • Your favourite books to prompt personal insight and growth

    Looking For Something New To Read That Will Help Inspire You To Grow, Heal And Thrive? In the lead up to the release of our founder Mary Hoang's, new book - Darkness Is Golden - A guide to personal transformation and facing life's Messiness - we asked our Indigo community for the books they've loved on their path towards greater self knowledge, personal development, healing and growth.
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  • Why you’ll never know who you are & what you want until you give yourself a f*cking break

    Out of high school I was very passionate and driven. There was a whole life and career that I envisaged for myself and I was keen to get started on it. However, as become clear through my tumultuous, laborious and scattered twenties, none of the things I believed I wanted for my life actually brought me any joy or sense of accomplishment. I drifted from one career aspiration to the next, with fabulous opportunities to grow and cultivate myself in live theatre, commercial radio, film & television production, and the visual arts. And each time, the opportunity and experience fizzled out leaving nothing more than a brittle sense of disappointment and failure.
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  • Ditch the Vision Board for a Values Board

    It’s important to get clear on what we want out of life, but our guidance should come from within, not from external inspiration of what success looks like in the pages of magazines or on celebrity social feeds. So, inspired by my love of craft projects, self-exploration and a desire to set up this year for success, I dived into building my own, more nourishing version of the vision board - The values board.
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  • Spring Cleaning For The Soul

    We’re told to discard and dust off material things we no longer need but how often do we look within ourselves to see what we need to let go of? In celebration of Spring being the season of growth and rebirth, we’re taking this opportunity to declutter the dusty pockets of our mind, to make them fresh for the approaching new year.
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