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  • How To Be “Successful”

    It can help to expand our understanding of what success means for us - what it looks like, what it feels like, and even entertaining the idea that is is something we are all worthy of, even right now, in this very moment. To do that, why not start by considering the following questions...
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  • An Antidote to Hustle Culture

    The relentless pursuit of all things "hustle" might look like the only option when it comes to fulfilling our goals, however there can be a dark-side. We chatted to Indigo Psychologist, Jacob Rath, about the negative impact that hustle culture might hold for us and how we might explore some healthier alternatives.
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  • The Problem with Goals

    Goals can offer us direction and something to work towards. But what is sometimes not spoken about is how goals can actually be not-so-helpful in a few different circumstances, in fact, they can actually hinder our progress.
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  • Boundaries – when you’re doing them wrong

    Boundaries are a must when it comes to honouring our relationships with ourselves and with other people. But they can be tricky to get right. Below we explore some common slip-up's when it comes to boundary setting - which we're likely all guilty of at some point or another. Check out if some seem to be occurring more regularly with you and how you might shift towards setting more useful boundaries.
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  • Why you’ll never know who you are & what you want until you give yourself a f*cking break

    Out of high school I was very passionate and driven. There was a whole life and career that I envisaged for myself and I was keen to get started on it. However, as become clear through my tumultuous, laborious and scattered twenties, none of the things I believed I wanted for my life actually brought me any joy or sense of accomplishment. I drifted from one career aspiration to the next, with fabulous opportunities to grow and cultivate myself in live theatre, commercial radio, film & television production, and the visual arts. And each time, the opportunity and experience fizzled out leaving nothing more than a brittle sense of disappointment and failure.
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  • Memes and mental health with Michael

    Michael Magee, a Clinical Psychologist at The Indigo Project (a psychology clinic based in Surry Hills, Aus that thinks creatively about mental health) has a chat about meme's. He discusses if meme's can be therapeutic, and what role mental health memes might play in us connecting with other people and our own conditions.
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