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  • Your favourite books to prompt personal insight and growth

    Looking For Something New To Read That Will Help Inspire You To Grow, Heal And Thrive? In the lead up to the release of our founder Mary Hoang's, new book - Darkness Is Golden - A guide to personal transformation and facing life's Messiness - we asked our Indigo community for the books they've loved on their path towards greater self knowledge, personal development, healing and growth.
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  • Little ways we invalidate (without meaning to)

    Emotions are messy, and many of us were never taught how to be around our own (let alone other peoples) in any kind of supportive, compassionate or understanding way. We can accidentally fall into the trap of invalidating peoples emotions and experiences, out of habit, comfort, confusion or naivety. Here are some of the common blunders we make when validating others - and a few ways to fix them.
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  • How to deal with uncertainty (when you’re anxious and you know it)

    The bad news is that there is no easy-hack to eliminate uncertainty from our lives. But the good news is that there are ways we can learn to live with and relate to it - even when it’s particularly challenging. Below are a few suggestions to help guide you through the rocky terrain of uncertainty. When practiced regularly, these tips will hopefully help you foster a relationship with uncertainty that isn’t one solely characterised by flat-out denial or abject terror.
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  • Boundaries – when you’re doing them wrong

    Boundaries are a must when it comes to honouring our relationships with ourselves and with other people. But they can be tricky to get right. Below we explore some common slip-up's when it comes to boundary setting - which we're likely all guilty of at some point or another. Check out if some seem to be occurring more regularly with you and how you might shift towards setting more useful boundaries.
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  • 5 ways to support your male friends

    This week is Men’s Mental Health week, and while we’re making great strides at smashing the stigma when it comes to men and mental health, men are still experiencing mental health conditions such as depression and substance use disorders at alarming rates, and dying by suicide at a rate three times greater than females.
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