Memes For When You're Self-Aware But Still A Mess

Memes for when you’re self-aware (but still a mess)

Ahhh, the joys of self-awareness. Both a blessing and a curse. We start to become kinder and more curious with ourselves. But we also become familiar with parts of ourselves that might be less-than-helpful – and understand that we are responsible to work on them (boo!)

If you’re on your own journey to self-improvement but are still a massive mess – we get you. This is a lifelong journey. And hopefully these memes & tweets will help you take everything (including yourself) a little less seriously…

1. I appreciate those boundaries you got there…

2. Wildly talented…

3. Nope. No thanks.

4. Fool the lot of ’em…

5. Guess this is growing up…

6. I can handle it.

7. It’s a strength though, right? Right!?

8. I have them all fooled.

9. is it too much to ask?

10. No time-wasters.

11. Those things are completely unrelated.

12. A huge vibe.

13. Dudes, it’s called “balance”.

14. But at least I know it.

15. The true MVPs.

Self work isn’t easy work, but it’s always worth it.  We see you making headway on your journey and appreciate you. Remember, it’s not so much about fixing yourself as it is about finding yourself. So, if you need a little support on your journey why not check out our super-popular online course, or get in touch to get matched with an Indigo Practitioner. We’re here to help.

This post was written by @ashking, psych researcher, provisional psychologist and Indigo’s content manager.

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