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The best ‘My therapist’ memes

And the ones that made us say "too real"

Unless you’re living under a meme-rock, you’ve probably seen the latest trend of folks sharing some amusing interactions between themselves & their “therapists”. We love how interactions in the therapy room (however embellished) are hitting the mainstream and shaking up the stigma of getting help and seeing a therapist.

Here are a few that made us laugh, made us cringe and some that made us say “wow. too real.”…

1. We’ve been there.


2. Chicken nuggets for depression



3. When lizzo is your real therapist

4. “Mood”



5. Works every time



6. The price of being nice



7. Addiction is a form of self-soothing


8. Txt from your therapist


9. Wow. this level of woke-ness.


10. Live life by the britney spears bible




11. Give me dat growth.

All jokes aside, therapy can be really useful as a way to work through issues, develop a kinder relationship with yourself, and level up in life. We’ve got over 20+ psychologists here at Indigo, who specialise in a range of areas from life transitions, to anxiety, couples counselling, addiction and more. Meet our psychologists here and see if there’s someone who resonates with you. Remember, with a Mental Health Care Plan you can save from $88 – $129 off your session with an Indigo psychologist.

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