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  • Communicating with difficult people: A how-to guide.

    Communication is essential when it comes to connecting with others, setting clear and assertive boundaries and getting our needs met. But at times, we are confronted with people who might not be as cool with open and calm communication as we are. Below are some helpful tips when it comes to talking to people who might be, at times, a little challenging to communicate with…
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  • Is your relationship co-dependent?

    Do you find yourself giving so much in a relationship and receiving little support from your partner in return? Do you feel frightened at the prospect of being away or apart from your partner for any period of time? Do you find yourself always needing to fix, repair or overbearingly nurture your partner? Do you feel unable to express yourself honestly & vulnerably to your partner, fearing you’ll hurt them, anger them or they’ll leave you? Do the emotion states of your partner completely overtake and overwhelm you to the point that you can’t connect with your own feelings?
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  • 20 Little Ways to Feel More Connected

    Despite the fact we’re told we live in a society that’s more connected now than ever before, so many of us suffer from feelings of disconnection. These feelings can inflame our depression and anxiety and make us feel like withdrawing within ourselves more and more.
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