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Some important news from Mary, our founder...

Wow. Who would have thought we’d be in this situation? I’m sure you’re feeling the impact, as most of us are, in some shape or form.

It has been a testing time for many across the world in light of COVID-19, with many families and businesses affected, and I felt it was important to reach out to you and to update you on the impacts on Indigo.

I have decided to temporarily close the doors of our physical practice in Surry Hills, transition all clients to video sessions and postpone all events and workshops. It was a difficult decision, but one that ensures that we are protecting the safety of our community. We are still here for you.

Medicare currently does not offer rebates for video therapy except in a very small amount of cases (nonsensical given the circumstances) but your mental health is our top priority – we will absorb the cost of the typical Medicare rebate, as a business and Indigo clients will not have to pay any more than their normal upfront fee so there is no additional cost to our clients. 

This reflects our dedication to community mental health and we hope that with your continued support, we will get through these challenging times.

We are also working on innovative ways we can connect with you all and continue to keep our community thriving. Let’s all band together to support small businesses and to support each other. Please reach out to all that may be affected in isolation – check in, send texts, video messages and find creative ways to stay connected. Increase your self-care and use these times to read, contemplate and rest. It’s time to breathe, and to re-evaluate what’s working and what needs to go! 

It is normal to feel anxiety and worry during these times. Make sure that you are talking about your feelings and finding ways to express yourself – and get some time-out from all forms of media/news – it gets a little crazy. We have also reduced the price of our online course by 75% to $50, to support all those that may be at home and struggling with isolation and the impact of this situation. And most importantly, please reach out if you need support – we want you to know that you are still seen – we’re in this together.

Please let us know if you are struggling and we will do everything we can to assist during this testing time.I strongly believe our community and business will evolve, and that we will find new and innovative ways to connect and thrive.

  • If you own a small business, how are you planning to evolve during this time?
  • How are you maintaining connection during these times of isolation?
  • How can you use this time to reconnect with yourself and understand your own needs?

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any ideas on how we can band together further as a community, and grow and transform together.


Indigo Founder 

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