The Mindful Belly: Conscious Pasta Class



The Mindful Belly: Conscious Pasta Class

The Mindful Belly : Conscious Pasta Class

A pasta-making class with a dash of mindfulness.


Q: How do you make a dish taste better, without changing the ingredients?

A: Just add mindfulness.

Join chef Harry Bourne (Love Supreme, Quay, Hartsyard) and psychologist & mindfulness practitioner Martha Tsakalos for a mindful pasta making class that will re-connect you with the heart of cooking.

If mindfulness is the practice of paying attention on purpose, then cooking is one of the most mindful activities in our lives. The focus and repetition of making pasta can be a therapeutic exercise for many, and not just because we’re dreaming of fettuccine…

In this new series held at neighbourhood favourite Love Supreme, we bring the principles of mindfulness to the kitchen. You’ll discover how mindfulness can improve the way you cook and taste food, prepare two types of authentic pasta, then we’ll share our experiences over a feast.


  • A step-by-step guide to making traditional farfalle and tortellini from scratch
  • Learn the trick to a perfect pasta dough
  • A mindful wine tasting
  • A mindful feast with a like-minded community
  • Learn how mindfulness can enhance your relationship with cooking
  • Exercises in mindfulness meditation by psychologist & mindfulness practitioner Martha Tsakalos
  • Includes nibbles on arrival, dinner and two glasses of wine


Harry Bourne

Chef (Love Supreme, Harts Yard, Quay)

Martha Tsakalos

Psychologist & Mindfulness Practitioner
The Indigo Project


We are sorry to announce that the event scheduled for the 27th of Nov has been cancelled due to unforseen circumstances.

Stay tuned as The Mindful Belly will be back in 2018.