Tattoos with Intention by The Mark of Nara

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Our bodies capture the journey of where we’ve been… Laugh lines from good times, wrinkles from worries, scars from falling over and standing up again.

What stories would your skin tell?

The Mark of Nara has been tattooing for the past 10 years and has dedicated the second half of his career to therapeutic tattooing – helping people share their stories on their skin. His aim is to bring a new perspective to the world of tattoos…it’s more than just art, an ego statement or a badly done Chinese character that says “soup.”

His approach blends the old and new world of tattooing while helping you understand what’s happening on a scientific and energetic level when you practice the art of tattooing as a transformational tool.

Whether you’re considering having your first tattoo done, have just begun the process or are already telling stories on your skin, this event is perfect for reminding ourselves of the intentions we set when we want to mark a point in time.

Learn to reclaim your body, your stories and take control of how your journey unfolds.


  • The art of old and new tattooing methods, where it has been and where it is going
  • The role of tattoos through guided visualisation and unpacking the tattoo paradigm
  • Discussion around the “first time tattoo” process; size, placement, motivation, public opinion.
  • How therapeutic tattooing and patterns work on the body
  • Understanding the scientific level – capillary action, immune response, lymphatic system, brain wave states
  • Setting intention for your stories
  • How to express your ideas clearly to your artist and be on the same page.


The Mark of Nara

Tattoo Artist


7pm – 9pm

Thu 12th July

33 Foster Street, Surry Hills



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