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    Counselling Sydney, Danielle Hanrahan

    Danielle Hanrahan


    “The mind is a garden, what we decide to grow there will determine our prosperity.”

    – Yung Pueblo

    Danielle believes every individual has an unfolding story to tell – one that sometimes can be difficult to understand. She explores these stories in relation to her client’s belief systems, culture and sense of self.

    Her goal is to help individuals understand themselves better in order to be the best versions of themselves and form strong, genuine and supportive relationships with others in their lives.

    Surry Hills Warehouse Space, The Indigo Project
    Counsellor Sydney CBD, Danielle Hanrahan

    Dani has developed a reputation for her confident and direct approach, while also nurturing and guiding clients on their journey.

    By combining techniques from the areas of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Positive Psychology, Life Coaching and Mindfulness-based practices, she takes a person-centred approach and supports individuals manage challenging issues and find purpose and meaning. Danielle also incorporates her interests in the areas of neuroscience, psychology, spirituality and feminine archetypes, in her work.

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    Life Purpose


    Career Mapping



    Personal Development

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    Danielle on working with your fears…

    “Human beings are fearful creatures, which makes sense from a biology perspective. If we weren’t afraid of anything, we might put ourselves in risky situations and that’s not conducive to keeping the species going. But, today’s environment has conditioned us to fear things like an email from our boss or to fear judgement from other people, so we start to train our mind to operate on fear as opposed to trust. When we operate on fear, we stop being true to ourselves and start to be the person we believe others want us to be. We people-please, we say ‘yes’ when we really mean ‘no’, we numb ourselves to feelings because they become inconvenient, and so on, until we have disconnected so far from ourselves that we can’t recognise who we are.

    There comes a moment in our lives, when we need to make a choice: do I continue to interact with the world I live in based on fear, or do I experiment with a different dynamic? Trust is a new dynamic. Fear and Trust are two sides of the same coin. Acknowledge your fears on one side, and then ask yourself, “What would I do differently in my life/this situation if I trusted myself, trusted others and trusted in the timing of my life?

    We may or may not do the things we’d list under trust but at least we’ve asked ourselves the question. It’s in not asking the question that we become stuck.”

    Outside the therapy room

    I like to get out of Sydney and go exploring, especially to beautiful spots that deliver great coffee. My partner and I LOVE visiting Act Casual in Brooklyn, NSW, or Cassiopeia Speciality Coffee in Katoomba.

    Surry Hills Cafe and Restaurant
    Malcolm Gladwell Revisionist History The Indigo Project

    What I’m Listening To

    Revisionist History – MALCOM GLADWELL

    Apart from a bit of Modest Mouse and Colombian band Bomba Estereo for my gym work-out playlist, I listen to a lot of podcasts. At the moment, I am completely obsessed with Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History. Superb storytelling.

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    Darren Everett

    Darren Everett


    “Happiness is not the absence of problems, its the ability to deal with them.”


    Darren is a Senior Psychologist with extensive experience in helping people to overcome their challenges to become the best they can be. Darren has a long standing history of successfully working with adolescents, adults, and leading personalities across sport, business, music and the arts, including clinical support for The Olympic Games and major AFL clubs. Darren has an amazing ability to relate to people and build strong relationships with his clients.

    Sydney Psychologist
    Darren Everett The Indigo Project

    He is constantly given the feedback that his sessions are highly supportive, free of judgement and always beneficial. Above all else, when you see Darren he treats you as an equal and is passionate and driven to understand you. Darren prides himself on working closely with you to design solutions to overcome your unique challenges. In his sessions, he is passionate about using modern approaches to psychology to help you exceed what you thought was capable for yourself.

    People often say seeing Daren is not like seeing a Psychologist, but more like catching up with an old friend, the only difference being that Darren offers techniques, strategies and skills to help you achieve the life you want.

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    Marriage & Relationships Counselling




    High performance thinking

    Psychologist Near Me

    Darren on Dealing with Adversity

    Life can be tough and challenging. However in the face of adversity, pain or challenge it is critical that you fight to identify &/or maintain your values, and that which drives you. During these times it is critical to get a handle on your thinking, as what you think will have a significant impact on how you are feeling and how you are coping with your challenges.

    Outside the therapy room

    Darren has a lust for life. On weekends you’ll find him outdoors kayaking, chasing large game fish or exploring new bush trails. At night he loves exploring the great restaurants of Sydney and attending live concerts and going to the theatre. If you still can’t find him, he’s likely to be out drinking great coffee and watching the world go by.

    April Ash Psychologist The Indigo Project Hiking at Sunset

    What Darren’s Up To Right Now

    Darren loves to explore the limits of the body and mind and is currently preparing to climb Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa and run the New York Marathon.

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    Sydney Psychologist, Sam Barr

    Sam Barr


    “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”


    Sam is a registered psychologist with a deep love of music and a passion for helping people. Rather than specialising in particular troubles or issues, however, it is his way of seeing things that characterises his approach. Sam’s practice revolves around awareness, acceptance, integrity, creativity and humour.

    In the therapy room, Sam suspends assumptions and keeps his mind open, making room for unexpected possibilities. He has a deep faith in people’s ability to change, and in the power of relationships, including therapy, to catalyse that growth in multiple ways, at different levels and tempos.

    Sydney Psychologist
    Psychologist Surry Hills, Sam Barr

    His approach to therapy draws on the principles of Gestalt therapy, as well as other humanistic approaches. Sam values connection above all else, both within and outside of therapy.

    Sam once spent six months travelling around North and Central America, surfing and living out of a van. Later, he lived and worked in Quito, Ecuador for half a year. He says by far his greatest adventure, however, has been becoming a husband and father.

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    Grief & Loss 


    Family Issues 


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    Sam’s relationship tip

    A wise soul once said the fundamental question in any relationship is, “How can I be me, and be with you?”.

    This is no mean feat! It’s a worthy and fertile quest, however, one brimming with opportunities for awareness and personal growth, as well as joy, solace, and intimacy. As Martin Buber counsels, try to know what you feel, say what you mean, and do what you say. Welcome to the beautiful struggle!

    Outside the therapy room

    When he’s not doing the laundry and grocery shopping, Sam can be found playing Scrabble with his family, or bodysurfing with them at Sydney beaches. After dark, he’s out playing as many gigs as he can get, drumming with various small jazz combos at little venues around town.

    Music Art Culture The Indigo Project
    Thelonious Monk

    What I’m Listening To…

    Thelonious Monk. A true original, Monk simultaneously regards and disregards the rules of music, creating something that – to Sam’s ear – is bent just right. You can be sure Monk’s recently discovered lost album is on his vinyl wish list.

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    Psychologist in Sydney, Charlene Neuhoff The Indigo Project

    Charlene Neuhoff


    “So much of the world is geared to take advantage of our inner discomfort. Feeling empty in a full life often becomes the norm. Learning how to tag out of that bullshit, acknowledge who we really are and how we really feel is powerful and so important”


    Charlene is a Registered Psychologist with a focus on strengths-based approaches that leverage a person’s natural abilities and tap into their motivations for change.

    Charlene has developed a reputation for her open, empathetic and gentle approach, nurturing her clients to overcome their obstacles with self-compassion and self acceptance.

    Psychologist Near Me
    Psychologists in Sydney, Charlene Neuhoff, The Indigo Project

    Charlene supports her clients to work through a number of challenges, such as anxiety, trauma, grief and shame, by utilising techniques and tools from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Mindfulness.

    Passionate about her work, Charlene remains at the forefront of what psychology has to offer and integrates this interest into her work in the therapy room, while offering a down-to-earth and friendly approach.

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    Self Acceptance 


    Mood Disorders




    A plant and mirror in a white room

    Charlene’s tip for dealing with anxiety

    1. Go after the cause, not the symptoms. Anxiety is a message from your body to stop what you’re doing and notice that you’re hurting. We need to find and tend to what’s beneath the message.

    2. Try to normalize the feeling. It’s a sign of your body trying to help.

    3. Nourish and move your body. It may not be the cure for anxiety but it does play a big part.

    Outside the therapy room

    I’m kicking my own ass at Bikram yoga. I’m fortunate enough to sit across from beautiful people all day. But the sitting part is brutal. Bikram fixes that, plus yay for heat shock proteins. I also live at cafe’s. I’ll often be that weirdo nerding out in the corner with a giant (ill-advised) coffee.

    Psychologist in Sydney, Yoga, Meditation
    Joe Rogan Experience, The Indigo Project

    What I’m Listening To:…


    This is a podcast built around long, casual conversations with the most interesting and brilliant people on the planet. I find listening to how these people think and live fascinating. The host Joe is a hilarious character. He’s a straight shooter, so you either love that or hate that about him. But I love a good rascal! Favourite guests so far have to be Dr Rhonda Patrick, Paul Stamets, Michael Pollan, Russell Brand, and Hamilton Morris.

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