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    Michael Magee


    “Identify your mind’s favourite stories… Once you’ve acknowledged a story, that’s it—just let it be…Simply let it come and go as it pleases, while you channel your energy into doing something you value.”


    Michael takes a practical and creative approach to therapy, with a focus on developing a shared understanding of his clients’ goals, motivations, and personal history. Warm and engaging, Michael encourages reflection and exploration of how personal concerns may come to dominate our thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

    He has worked extensively with clients experiencing alcohol and drug misuse. For many clients, these issues are related to unresolved past issues, or as a way to deal with stress, anxiety, self-esteem and relationship issues. Michael believes that each of us has the capacity to build insight into our own motivations and behaviours, and to develop new and more adaptive ways to manage issues in our lives.

    With a passion for martial arts, Michael has travelled the world representing Australia in Taekwondo. This saw him supporting Olympic and Paralympic athletes to balance world-class performances with holistic person development. He enjoys integrating his knowledge of psychology to help high performance athletes train and perform under pressure.

    A career highlight involved supporting newly retired athletes with transition and transformation in their life after retiring from sport. Michael believes that all individuals hold the strength to support themselves in achieving mastery in new life directions.

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    Anxiety & Stress

    Sport & High Performance


    Career Counselling & Transition

    Chronic Pain

    Alcohol & Substance Issues

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    Michael’s Quick Stress Tip

    When we’re trying to achieve an important goal, we can often get nervous and find our stress peaking the closer we get. How do we manage this?

    Name the experience: Name familiar feelings and thoughts to recognise unhelpful patterns. 
    Normalise: Remind yourself these unpleasant experiences are normal. 
    Mindfulness: Your thoughts are not necessarily the truth. Practise mindfulness. Observe your experiences coming and going. 
    Commit to valued action: Ensure your actions are moving you towards what is most important to you even if it is temporarily distressing.
    Focus on the controllable: Mindfully attend to the things you need to do and can do to control the situation – not those you can’t. Do not push unpleasant experiences away, but try to accept these whilst bringing your attention back to doing what matters.

    Outside the therapy room

    When not in the therapy room you will find Michael enjoying snorkelling around Clovelly and Sydney’s other beaches or find him practising martial arts. He also enjoys playing the guitar and cooking.

    Psychology Surry Hills

    What I’m Reading…


    Michael enjoys gardening, though lacks the green thumb at times to make his garden flourish. Currently he is reading “The Edible Balcony” By Indira Naidoo which describes how to turn an inner-city apartment balcony into a green oasis and make seasonal recipes from the garden. Michael describes his garden as a “work in progress”.

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    Counselling Sydney, Danielle Hanrahan

    Danielle Hanrahan


    “The mind is a garden, what we decide to grow there will determine our prosperity.”

    – Yung Pueblo

    Danielle believes every individual has an unfolding story to tell – one that sometimes can be difficult to understand. She explores these stories in relation to her client’s belief systems, culture and sense of self.

    Her goal is to help individuals understand themselves better in order to be the best versions of themselves and form strong, genuine and supportive relationships with others in their lives.

    Surry Hills Warehouse Space, The Indigo Project
    Counsellor Sydney CBD, Danielle Hanrahan

    Dani has developed a reputation for her confident and direct approach, while also nurturing and guiding clients on their journey.

    By combining techniques from the areas of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Positive Psychology, Life Coaching and Mindfulness-based practices, she takes a person-centred approach and supports individuals manage challenging issues and find purpose and meaning. Danielle also incorporates her interests in the areas of neuroscience, psychology, spirituality and feminine archetypes, in her work.

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    Life Purpose


    Career Mapping



    Personal Development

    A plant and mirror in a white room

    Danielle on working with your fears…

    “Human beings are fearful creatures, which makes sense from a biology perspective. If we weren’t afraid of anything, we might put ourselves in risky situations and that’s not conducive to keeping the species going. But, today’s environment has conditioned us to fear things like an email from our boss or to fear judgement from other people, so we start to train our mind to operate on fear as opposed to trust. When we operate on fear, we stop being true to ourselves and start to be the person we believe others want us to be. We people-please, we say ‘yes’ when we really mean ‘no’, we numb ourselves to feelings because they become inconvenient, and so on, until we have disconnected so far from ourselves that we can’t recognise who we are.

    There comes a moment in our lives, when we need to make a choice: do I continue to interact with the world I live in based on fear, or do I experiment with a different dynamic? Trust is a new dynamic. Fear and Trust are two sides of the same coin. Acknowledge your fears on one side, and then ask yourself, “What would I do differently in my life/this situation if I trusted myself, trusted others and trusted in the timing of my life?

    We may or may not do the things we’d list under trust but at least we’ve asked ourselves the question. It’s in not asking the question that we become stuck.”

    Outside the therapy room

    I like to get out of Sydney and go exploring, especially to beautiful spots that deliver great coffee. My partner and I LOVE visiting Act Casual in Brooklyn, NSW, or Cassiopeia Speciality Coffee in Katoomba.

    Surry Hills Cafe and Restaurant
    Malcolm Gladwell Revisionist History The Indigo Project

    What I’m Listening To

    Revisionist History – MALCOM GLADWELL

    Apart from a bit of Modest Mouse and Colombian band Bomba Estereo for my gym work-out playlist, I listen to a lot of podcasts. At the moment, I am completely obsessed with Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History. Superb storytelling.

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    Darren Everett

    Darren Everett


    “Happiness is not the absence of problems, its the ability to deal with them.”


    Darren is a Senior Psychologist with extensive experience in helping people to overcome their challenges to become the best they can be. Darren has a long standing history of successfully working with adolescents, adults, and leading personalities across sport, business, music and the arts, including clinical support for The Olympic Games and major AFL clubs. Darren has an amazing ability to relate to people and build strong relationships with his clients.

    Sydney Psychologist
    Darren Everett The Indigo Project

    He is constantly given the feedback that his sessions are highly supportive, free of judgement and always beneficial. Above all else, when you see Darren he treats you as an equal and is passionate and driven to understand you. Darren prides himself on working closely with you to design solutions to overcome your unique challenges. In his sessions, he is passionate about using modern approaches to psychology to help you exceed what you thought was capable for yourself.

    People often say seeing Daren is not like seeing a Psychologist, but more like catching up with an old friend, the only difference being that Darren offers techniques, strategies and skills to help you achieve the life you want.

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    Marriage & Relationships Counselling




    High performance thinking

    Psychologist Near Me

    Darren on Dealing with Adversity

    Life can be tough and challenging. However in the face of adversity, pain or challenge it is critical that you fight to identify &/or maintain your values, and that which drives you. During these times it is critical to get a handle on your thinking, as what you think will have a significant impact on how you are feeling and how you are coping with your challenges.

    Outside the therapy room

    Darren has a lust for life. On weekends you’ll find him outdoors kayaking, chasing large game fish or exploring new bush trails. At night he loves exploring the great restaurants of Sydney and attending live concerts and going to the theatre. If you still can’t find him, he’s likely to be out drinking great coffee and watching the world go by.

    April Ash Psychologist The Indigo Project Hiking at Sunset

    What Darren’s Up To Right Now

    Darren loves to explore the limits of the body and mind and is currently preparing to climb Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa and run the New York Marathon.

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    Gabrielle King Psychologist

    Gabrielle King


    “Everything is possible. The impossible just takes longer.”


    Gabrielle King is a Registered Psychologist who specialises in treating depression, stress and anxiety, difficulties with adjustment to life changes, and relationship challenges. Gabrielle also provides performance psychology services for people looking to develop their mental edge and achieve their best.

    Gabrielle strives to provide an empathic, genuine, and human experience. She wants her clients to have a sense of ownership and feel empowered to enact the changes they wish to make.

    Gabrielle King The Indigo Project
    Gabrielle King The Indigo Project

    Gabrielle became interested in psychology during her time as an elite athlete representing Australia in sailing. After retiring from her sporting career, she began her training as a psychologist and now consults with the NSW Institute of Sport and Australian Institute of Sport on athlete mental health. She is also involved in research aimed at understanding vulnerability and resilience to anxiety disorders and has several publications to her name.

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    Anxiety & Stress

    Life path challenges


    Relationship challenges


    Performance & Sports

    Psychologist Near Me

    Gabrielle on Life Path Challenges

    Life is hard and change is even harder. Have a clear goal of what you are working towards and know why it matters to you. This allows you to take deliberate action to achieving it.

    Outside the therapy room

    You can find Gabrielle riding her bike with mates, either racing up hills or on adventures exploring new countryside. She also enjoys rock climbing, hiking, and hanging out with her golden retriever, Anna.

    Bike on blue background

    What I’m Listening To…

    I love the RadioLab podcasts – they bring joy to the science nerd in me. The hosts are such great story tellers and encourage curiosity and wonder about the world around us.

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    Dafna Kronental The Indigo Project

    Dafna Kronental


    “In the midst of winter, I found there was within me an invincible summer.”


    Dafna brings a holistic approach to her work as a psychotherapist and teacher of yoga and meditation. She is guided by the latest neurobiological research exploring the connection between the body and mind, and inspired by the application of ancient contemplative traditions in our contemporary world.

    Her goal is to facilitate a safe, open and trusting relationship with her clients by supporting their capacity for self-awareness, creative decision-making, integrity and resilience.

    Dafna Kronental Psychotherapist Counsellor

    Dafna has a broad range of experience facilitating psychotherapeutic and mindfulness practices both locally and on international retreats, within corporate and educational organisations, refugee agencies and in private practice.

    She is a passionate advocate of the belief that by healing ourselves we contribute to the greater healing of our world. A warm, empathic and committed practitioner, Dafna feels privileged to guide and bear witness to her clients’ process of overcoming challenges and cultivating a life path with intention and attention.

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    Anxiety & Stress

    Grief & Loss

    Relationship Challenges

    Life Transitions

    Personal Development

    Dafna’s Quick Grounding Tips

    We spend the majority of our time in our heads and disconnected from our physical, present-moment experience. ‘Grounding’ practices can help us access the supportive resources naturally available in our bodies that restore a sense of equilibrium and balance.

    Notice when the mind is overactive and rather than trying to “work it out”, simply feel into your physical body. Become aware of the contact between your feet and the ground, or your back and the chair, and let your weight sink into these supports.

    Take a break from the computer screen and check in with yourself – am I hungry? Thirsty? Tired? Or busting for the loo?! Make a regular habit of addressing your body’s needs.

    Spend time in nature – walking barefoot on the grass or swimming in the ocean whilst silently witnessing your environment and connecting to your senses.

    Outside the therapy room

    Having become somewhat “attached” to her newly adopted Ashtanga practice, you may find Dafna at her yoga studio exploring the body’s potential whilst trying to keep her ego in check! She also enjoys short bursts of travel, music and theatre gigs, spending time with loved ones and taking dips at the Coogee women’s baths.


    Psychologist in Sydney, Yoga, Meditation

    What I’m Reading…


    Jack Kornfield’s ‘A Path with Heart’ has been sitting on my bedside table for the past few weeks. I enjoy perusing the different stories and meditations in between, admittedly, getting caught up reading interesting Facebook articles.

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    Sydney Clinical Psychology April Ash The Indigo Project

    April Ash


    “Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it. Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.”


    April is a Clinical Psychologist working with a range of presentations, her main area of speciality being grief and loss – whether physical, in the form of a relationship or identity.

    April believes in the creation of a judgement-free space where an individual can safely explore and reflect on themselves and their world, while being witnessed and gently guided in developing greater self-awareness, acceptance and ultimately meaningful change.

    Sydney Clinical Psychology The Indigo Project
    Sydney Clinical Psychologist April Ash, Trauma Anxiety

    April is renowned for her warm, collaborative and down to earth approach. Having worked with people from all walks of life and in a diverse range of practical settings, she is passionate about integrating different approaches to therapy to tailor to each individual’s needs.

    April has an interest in working holistically, understanding the importance of the mind and body, and fun and creativity. She is particularly interested in helping her clients create meaning within their lives and supporting them in cultivating connections as well as creating and accepting change.

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    Grief & Loss



    Gender & Sexuality



    A plant and mirror in a white room

    April’s small steps for dealing with grief & loss

    Feel your loss – Whether you’re numb, consumed by emotion or somewhere in between, it can be helpful to spend some time sitting with our loss. Although difficult, we need to feel the pain in order to process and make meaning from loss.

    Express your loss – Talk about it, write about it, sing about it, dance to it, put a tune to it. Expressing grief, particularly through writing or other creative pursuits, can help process the deeper emotional content of our grief

    Try to take meaning from your loss – What has this loss taught you about what’s important in life? How has it changed you and shaped you?

    Bring it back to basics – Look after yourself as best you can. Focus on exercising, eating proper meals, getting enough sleep, connecting with your support networks and keeping a routine to help give you purpose.

    Be gentle – There’s no right way to do it and you’re doing the best you can.

    Outside the therapy room

    April can be found on weekend adventures all over Sydney, trying out new restaurants and cafes. She’s a keen tennis player and loves being out in nature, hiking and chasing waterfalls. April savours time with those she loves, and spending time alone, reading, listening to podcasts and binge-watching Netflix series. She has big love for a good macchiato and the kitchen is her happy place.

    April Ash Psychologist The Indigo Project Hiking at Sunset

    What I’m Reading…


    The Circadian Code is an interesting and informative read on how to re-align or get in sync with our body’s instinctive biological rhythm. It has been a good reminder and guide in slowing down, listening to my body on a biological level and refocusing on the basics for general wellbeing.

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    Psychologist Surry Hills, Anxiety, Stress

    Maja Czerniawska


    “What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us.”


    Maja is a Registered Psychologist who brings an inspiring creative edge to the field. Having recently completed a masters in Art Therapy, Maja champions the transformative and healing qualities of creativity, by incorporating it into her work with clients. This ability to utilise art therapy processes within psychological therapy sessions has seen her facilitate expression, exploration and processing of presenting concerns.

    Art Therapy Sydney, The Indigo Project
    Psychologist Sydney CBD, Art Therapy

    With over fourteen years experience, Maja works collaboratively within a client centred approach utilising a range of modalities, predominantly mindfulness based strategies, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

    Having developed a reputation for her inquisitive, warm and down-to-earth nature in the therapy room, Maja is passionate about supporting her clients through their challenges and helping to pave their future.

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    Mood Disorders

    Identity Development


    Life Path Challenges

    A plant and mirror in a white room

    Maja’s tip for dealing with anxiety

    Anxiety is a normal part of the human experience. When you notice some uncomfortable feelings, try to take a moment to check in with yourself.

    Ask, “What am I feeling? What’s going through my mind right now?” Noticing in this way allows for an opportunity to take a step away from the experience and remind yourself that thoughts are just thoughts, not facts.

    Include some mindfulness in your daily life. This can be as simple as paying deliberate attention to how that morning cup of tea tastes, or really listening to the lyrics of your favourite songs. Or take try a meditation course or yoga classes.

    Checking in with yourself as you go through your day helps cultivate mindfulness, which then grows your ability to observe rather than react to your thoughts and feelings.

    Outside the therapy room

    You can find Maja making art and wandering around art galleries like White Rabbit in Chippendale, taking in inspiration. She loves a dip in the ocean, hanging with family and friends, checking out live music and is currently trying to master the headstand in yoga class.

    Psychologist Sydney CBD
    Brett Whiteley Book

    What I’m Reading…


    I’m currently really into artists’ biographies. At the moment I’m enjoying Brett Whiteley’s biography Art, Life and the Other Thing by Ashleigh Wilson. It offers a great insight into not only his life as a bohemian and development as an artist but also his journey with drug use, addiction and his struggle with recovery.

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    Psychologist Sydney CBD, Aylin Dulagil, The Indigo Project

    Aylin Dulagil


    “You are imperfect and wired for struggle, and you are still worthy of love and belonging.”


    Aylin is a Registered Psychologist who focusses on helping her clients work through challenges to experience more positive emotions and self-acceptance. She believes inspiring relationships and nurturing connections are key to living a rich and flourishing life.

    “If you’re struggling in your relationships, the key is to be more aware of the part you’re playing in it – are you living according to your values, are you communicating clearly about what you want and what thinking style are you adopting?”

    The Indigo Project Psychology Practice Sydney
    Sydney Psychologist Aylin Dulagil at The Indigo Project with a client

    Her approach is grounded in warmth, empathy and support and her passion lies in helping her clients work with their minds and emotions so they can live their fullest and most engaging life.

    “Each of us are unique individuals with different strengths and qualities. Our ability to tolerate discomfort, create helpful habits and live according to our values are integral for an authentic and meaningful life. Life is too short to just go through the motions and if we did that, we would be denying ourselves a rich, full and well-lived experience.”

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    Positive Psychology




    Workplace Issues

    A plant and mirror in a white room

    Aylin’s tip on how to create a life most worth living

    Spend some time understanding what matters to you most – it could be your values, what you want to stand for, how you want to be remembered, your strengths, or the person that you want to be in relationships with friends, intimate partners, or children.

    Remember that a meaningful life is a rich tapestry of experience that will include the whole gamut of emotions; joy, guilt, anger, awe, sadness, gratitude, regret, and more. Develop awareness of your thoughts and feelings so that you are aware of their impact on your behaviour, and whether your behaviour moves you away or towards taking action that is aligned to your values.

    Finally, prioritise practising appreciation for what you do have in your life. Keeping a gratitude journal helps you notice the positive things in your life and appreciate the life you are living.

    Outside the therapy room

    Aylin can be found writing her PhD, reading novels and psychology texts, ice skating and designing costumes for her competitions on ice.

    Psychologists Surry Hills, Psychology Practice Sydney
    Figure Skating, Aylin Dulagil

    What I’m Watching…


    These skaters inspire me to keep going with my skating because they are so incredibly strong, athletic, and beautiful. They make the most difficult things look easy and graceful. I know how hard it is to accomplish, and the years of dedication and work that go into performances like this. It’s easy to forget that they are doing all of this on blades!

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    Anthea Theofanou Psychologist

    Anthea Theofanou


    “People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of.”


    Anthea is a Registered Psychologist passionate about assisting individuals heal, energise, and discover their inner strengths in order to live a rich and fulfilling life. Anthea helps her clients through life transitions, and challenges such as anxiety, stress, depression, and relationship difficulties.

    Anthea uses a client-focused holistic approach and draws techniques and strategies from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive BehaviouralTherapy, Mindfulness, and Positive Psychology.

    She is known for her down-to-earth, authentic, and warm nature. She enjoys developing real connections and supporting her clients throughout their transformational journey.

    Her time working at an East London school with children from diverse cultural backgrounds, had a profound effect on her approach to life. At only four years of age, their imaginative and playful nature taught her to live in the moment, be fearless and open to new experiences, and to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

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    Positive Psychology

    Life Transitions & Challenges

    Stress Management

    Relationship Difficulties



    Psychologist Near Me

    Anthea’s Tip For Becoming More Present

    We are often so busy that our autopilot mode kicks in and we get to the end of the day wondering where the time has gone.

    To cultivate purposeful awareness choose a task that you complete each day like having your morning coffee, shower, or commute to work. Be fully present when engaging in the task. Focus on what you can feel, hear, taste, and see, and when unrelated thoughts pop into your head redirect your focus back to the present. I like to call these moments the hero of our day. It is the special time we get just for us, bringing our awareness to the present and allowing us to live more mindfully.

    Outside the therapy room

    There is something about the sun and ocean that brings me so much joy so I spend most of my days down at North Wollongong beach either swimming with friends, walking my dog Mika, or sipping on coffee whilst watching the waves. I enjoy practising yoga and meditation at my local wellness studio and in my down time at home I’m either scrolling through the endless screenshots of poetry and quotes on my phone or watching reruns of The OC.

    Psychologist in Sydney, Yoga, Meditation

    What I’m Reading…


    Care Package uses powerful stories and short poems to explore some of life’s biggest challenges. It’s a great read for those who want to heal from previous negative experiences and vibrate higher. With each page I am gaining a deeper understanding of myself. 

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    Surry Hills Psychologist, Rashida Dungarwalla

    Rashida Dungarwalla


    “If the ocean can calm itself so can you. we are both salt water mixed with air”


    Born in England, Rashida lived in Kenya before settling in Australia. Her youth was spent living all over the world, exposing her to various cultures and ways of living, and developing her understanding of how different cultures create connections and experience emotions.

    Rashida was drawn to the field of psychology at a young age, curious about people’s journeys as she tried to make sense of her very own psyche.  Having gone through her own mental health journey, she believes that therapy affords you a safe space where you can reflect, develop and learn.

    Psychology Practice Sydney
    Psychologist Surry Hills, Rashida Dungarwalla

    With a passion for working holistically and collaboratively with her clients, she helps support them in reaching their goals, navigating through difficult emotions and making sense of their struggles. She has been praised for her warm, kind and empathetic nature, approaching therapy in a fun and creative way.

    Using evidence-based modalities like Mindfulness, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy,  Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Schema Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Psychotherapy and Positive Psychology, Rashida finds it paramount to remember that we are all individual beings; what may work for you on your journey, may not work for the next person, and that’s completely okay.

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    Anxiety & Stress

    Grief & Loss


    Transformation & Change


    Sex & Relationships

    A plant and mirror in a white room

    Rashida’s quick tip for becoming your most powerful self

    Visualisation: In order to visualise you may begin by establishing a highly specific goal. During your visualisation you imagine a future in which you have achieved this goal.

    Try and hold a mental image as if it was occurring right at that moment, and attempt to imagine it with as much detail as possible incorporating the five senses; including things such as, which emotions are you feeling right now? Who are you with? What are you wearing? What can you smell? What can you hear? What environment are you in?

    Practice this in the morning or night, just before or after sleep. If any doubts occur, continue the practice and incorporate an affirmation.

    Outside the therapy room

    You’ll find Rashida front and centre at her friends’ punk gigs, bushwalking through the Royal National Park, or reading a book cover to cover at Blackwoods Beach in Sydney’s south.

    Sydney Psychologists Beach Sky Trees
    An animated album cover of band Skeggs, Everyone is Good at Something

    What I’m Listening To…

    A lot of Aussie surf punk and rock, Skegss, Ruby Fields.. I also love Emma Louise’s new album. And anything by Scala and Kolacny Brothers.

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    I’m READY