On Monday we learnt ‘How to open our heart’ as part of the FU TO THE MONDAY BLUES workshop series. We got cosy and comfy with blankets, experienced some pretty awesome mindfulness meditation, and learnt skills on how to more open with ourselves and how we’re feeling.
We had a small intimate group, who really got into the activities with openness and enthusiasm. Our head psychologist Mary led us through activities that helped identify relationship patterns, fears, and situations where we feel vulnerable. We delved into what really makes us afraid in relationships, and why it’s such a huge thing to consider. It was such an interesting and deep workshop that left us inspired to look at our vulnerable selves and our relationships.

There are very few moments when we go deeper to understand ourselves and why things are the way they are.

Learn how to get and keep your shit together with mindfulness skills and other nifty tools to use when life gets wild. Come and join our ‘how to’ workshops over the next few months and explore a huge range of topics like ‘how to stop your freak outs’ and ‘how to stop being a stress head’. Don’t forget next week June 6th is a public holiday (yew!!) so take the night off. We’ll be back on Monday June 20th to learn how to harness the power of gratitude, a tool that is especially helpful for when you wish every weekend was 3 days long! For more info on our FU TO THEMONDAY BLUES series, check out our upcoming Facebook events here.