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Welcome to The Indigo Project, Rashida! Could you share a little about what your path to becoming a psychologist looked like?
It was a long rollercoaster of emotions and experiences. It was approximately a 10 year journey which included my Undergraduate degree, Masters degree and then a 2 year internship program, with some stints overseas working in between.
You were born in England and have lived all over the world, which locations have had the biggest impact on you?
I think all of the places I have lived have had equal impact on me to some degree. I have left a piece of my heart in each of these places and they have all given me so much in return. Living in Kenya/Tanzania has probably been the most impactful due to the work I was doing and the connection I have there with my family and my roots.
“It is so easy to be sucked into the idea that we are supposed to be happy every day when this idea just does not line up with our reality. The beauty of the human condition is that we are able to experience the spectrum of emotions and the joy and pain this brings us can help direct us.”
What are some of the best parts about doing what you do?
Being inspired by the clients I work with and being witness to the small changes occurring each week is an honour and what really drives me as a clinician and most definitely the best part of what I do.
What are some of your favourite reads?
‘Random Family’ by Adrian Nicole Leblanc and any of Khaled Hosseini/Jodi Picoult or Paulina Simmons books.
Guilty pleasure?
Icecream and sleeping in!
What are some of your favourite Sydney spots?
Blackwoods beach and Salmon Haul in Cronulla, Bald Hill look out and the Royal National Park.
Pizza or pasta?
Pizza, but the bolognese at Queen Margherita in the South of Sydney is also my favourite (how can I possibly choose).
Currently listening to…
A lot of Aussie surf punk and rock, Skegss, Ruby Fields. I also love Emma Louise’s new album. Anything by Scala and Kolacny Brothers.

Rashida specialises in anxiety, stress, grief & loss, transformation & change, sex & relationships, creativity, mindfulness and youth. Rashida takes clients weekly on Thursdays. Her rate is $165 p/session
($80.00 w/Medicare Rebate).

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