How to Handle Your Freakouts

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How to handle your freakouts

How to Handle Your Freakouts

How to not lose your shit over the little stuff.


Sometimes when you get all caught up in your head it can wreak havoc on your productivity, your relationships and life in general. We’ve all been there – when your thoughts are running a mile a minute and you’re all over the shop. Yep, shit happens, but we probably don’t need to make life so hard for ourselves and freak out the way we do! The second-guessing, the what-if’s, conversations playing out in our heads and all the haphazard emotions that boil up are all pretty standard when we’re in a state of reactivity. When we are stuck in our heads for too long, our freakouts can tend to supercede the nature of the situation.

How can we gain a bit more clarity and approach these situations, heck life, with a little more space and level-headedness? This interactive 90 minute workshop will teach you how to cruise through stressful situations with more ease and control with up-to-date psychological tools and research, and the powerful practice of Mindfulness. Let’s get a handle on that monkey in your mind.

What you will learn

  • To be fully present, right here and now
  • To increase awareness of how and when we freak the fuck out
  • Learn about your triggers and reactive habits
  • How to deal with stressful situations (i.e. not lose your shit)
  • How to keep it together and better handle your relationships


Tristan Young, Relationship Consultant
Mary Hoang, Head Psychologist and Founder of The indigo project


7pm – 8.30pm


33 Foster Street, Surry Hills



This workshop is one in a series of nine Thursday evening sessions.
We offer discounts on multiple bookings via our workshop packages.

Drop in: $30
Four workshops: $100*
Nine workshops: $200*

*Valid for Thursday evening workshops until the 15th of December 2016.

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