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Get your sh*t together : 8 Week course

Need to get your sh*t together? Our popular 8 week mindfulness
meditation course will get you back on track in no time.


We always seem to take on too much, or think we can do everything, and before we’ve had the chance to pull up the handbrake in our lives we’ve crashed into a wall. Deep down we know balance is key but when we have such high expectations and countless demands upon ourselves it becomes incredibly hard to keep our head clear and prioritise. Led by Provisional Psychologist Martha Tsakalos, this course will provide you with structured mindfulness meditation practices and psychological techniques to achieve greater self-awareness and coping skills.
Each week you will walk away with new, simple tools to incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life. You will explore areas of your life like relationships, stress, values, creativity and future goals, as well as learning how regulate your emotions, deal with stress, become less reactive, and how to generally get your shit together.

What you will learn

  • To increase self-awareness and acceptance
  • An understanding of mindfulness, meditation, the science behind it and what it can do for you
  • Your patterns in relationships and barriers to connection
  • Effective strategies for dealing with stress, procrastination and emotions
  • Practical ways to identify, understand and establish your values and priorities
  • How to create a vision, action your goals, and make meaningful change in your life
  • How to embrace creativity and bring about more play in your life
  • The importance of compassion and kindness, forgiveness and self-love
  • How to give some overdue lovin’ to yourself, and better connect with yourself and others
  • The power of gratitude within your life and how to share it with others


Martha Tsakalos, Provisional Psychologist


6.45pm – 9.15pm
Monday evenings weekly
26th February 2018 – 16th April 2018
33 Foster Street, Surry Hills, NSW


*This includes 3 free therapy sessions with a junior psychologist with a valid Care Plan from your GP allowing you the space and freedom that only a one-on-one dynamic can provide. Reduced rate sessions with our psychologists are also available. Places are limited.


“I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their life and understand themselves better. This course was really beneficial, it lowered my stress levels, helped me sleep better and helped me cope with life’s dramas a lot better.”
– Jane, 34, Stanmore
“Eight weeks seems short, but this course has taught me a lot in how to treat myself better, and understand myself better. I think our busy life gets in the way of the most important things in our life – which is connecting to your mind and body. This course made a lot of frustrations, confusion and anger make more sense. Loved every bit of this course.”
– Sherine, 36, Erskinville
“Fun, interactive and relaxed. Not your typical meditation course. Recommended for everybody, spiritual or not. You will find so much benefit from this fabulous course!”
– Kim, 28, Preston