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A monthly gathering focused on connection, community, reflection, and meditation.


What does a ritual look like in 2017? Scrolling Instagram in bed? Friday drinks after work? Over 50,000 years our rituals have evolved, yet we still run around in circles, evermore isolated by the very technologies that exist to connect us, with no spiritual anchor tying us to the ground.

Rituals are important, they help us find meaning and a sense of belonging. So this July, we’re introducing a new monthly group gathering to help you make time for yourself and connect with others. This event will focus on reflection, letting go and opening up to new possibilities, grounded in meditaiton. Then, we’ll share a herbal tea together, custom-made for the class by our in-house naturopath Jen Ward.

It’s your modern-day ceremony, inner-city community meet-up and group meditation, all rolled into one.


  • Anyone looking to meet like-minded people in Sydney and connect with the community
  • Busy professionals looking for a monthly self-care ritual
  • Those seeking deeper self-inquiry through meditation and reflection
  • Anyone interested in developing genuine connections with themselves and others.


Mary Hoang

Head Psychologist and Founder of The indigo project

Establishing The indigo project, a psychology and mindfulness practice, in 2012, Mary Hoang helps people manage their overactive modern minds. An in-demand speaker and media commentator, with appearances at Vivid Ideas, Sunrise and The Today Show, as well as working with companies such as Westpac, Mama Mia and KPMG, Mary’s expertise in utilising mindfulness to unlock creativity and achieve balance continues to gain popularity among people ready to take control of their lives.


6.30pm – 8.30pm

Wednesday July 26th

33 Foster Street, Surry Hills