Do you have any idea how beautiful you are, my darling friend?

Do you have any idea how beautiful you are, my darling friend? I don’t mean the superficial beauty that we see on magazine covers, or artificial beauty that can be bought and sold. I mean real beauty—the beauty that lives inside the divine and miraculous creation you are.
Have you lost your way? Has the cruelty of life left you feeling abandoned and abused? Have you buried your brilliance under shame and regret? Did you believe the lies they told you, when they said you weren’t good enough? Have you continued beating the drum of your inadequacy, even after their song was finished? Please remember that you always have been, and ever will be, perfect.
Can you see your worth? Your unique contributions to this world are more valuable than anything that glitters—more than the most precious of metals or stones. Your worth is inherent. It’s isn’t something you must earn, or prove, or beg for. You were born already deserving of the best life has to offer.
When you have forgotten your magnificence, when you look in the mirror and you don’t like what you see, or worse, you don’t recognize the person looking back from your reflection, when you become so focused on your mistakes, your pain, or your past, that your joy is lost—take heart. You are never alone.
Go inside, my love. Where you are stardust and moon beams. Examine not your earthly struggles but focus instead on your resilience, your courage, your strength. Remember that every experience brings a gift. When we can find the gift, we can let go of the challenges that brought it to us. Let your heart be full of gratitude and know that you are a little stronger, a little wiser, and a little more authentic.
No father, mother, bitter ex-lover, or fair-weather friend has the power to change you without your permission. Sometimes our most powerful teachers are those who create the deepest wounds. These are the gifts that can be unwrapped only through forgiveness.
Trust always, that your missteps do not define you.
If you cannot find a way to love the person you are today—if you’re too broken, too angry, or too ashamed to find something wonderful in this moment—see if you can find something gorgeous in the world. Then, acknowledge that to recognize the beauty of a rose, or the grace of a butterfly, or the radiance of the heavenly bodies, it must also exist inside you.
Remember always, that you are a unique expression of the universe. You are here for a special purpose that only you can fulfill. Even at your worst, you are nothing short of a miracle. And no matter what you have done in the past, you always have the ability to make a new choice in this moment. Forgive yourself every failure, every mistake, every moment that you are not at your best. Your missteps do not define you. Give yourself grace, and patience, and time.
There is nothing you must do to become worthy of your own love and respect—you need only extend it to yourself unconditionally.
Love yourself with every breath you take, and let your beautiful, magnificent, perfect light shine.
Author: Renee Baum
(Image source : Maya Beano)