Dealing With Perfectionism

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Dealing With Perfectionism
Discover the psychology behind our constant quest for perfection and the pressures we place on ourselves, while exploring the roots of high expectations and how you can manage them.


While some wear it like a badge of honour, perfectionism can be a burden for many of us. It sneaks its way into all realms of life: work, creativity, health, relationships…

It can push us to our limits, while draining every ounce of energy with no satisfaction in sight.

So where does perfectionism actually stem from? And why does it rule some of us?
More than anything, perfectionism is misunderstood.

In this workshop, you’ll gain a greater awareness of your perfectionistic habits and recognise where these have helped or hindered you. By creating an awareness of your habits and motivations, you can pave the way to a more purposeful and fulfilled life.

What you will learn

  • Discover if perfectionism is helping you or holding you back
  • Learn about healthy and unhealthy perfectionism
  • Explore the fear of failure
  • Build awareness around your habits
  • Learn how to bring self-compassion into your life

This workshop is perfect for

  • Chronic Perfectionists!
  • Creatives looking to better understand their perfectionism
  • Self-confessed control freaks
  • Anyone who has an idea or project on hold
  • Serial strivers and overachievers who struggle to find balance
  • Busy professionals who procrastinate to manage perfectionism


7:00pm – 9:00pm

Tues 4th Dec

33 Foster Street, Surry Hills



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Martha Tsakalos

Provisional Psychologist and Mindfulness Practitioner

A passionate provisional psychologist, certified yoga teacher and mindfulness practitioner, Martha is on a mission to help people understand themselves in order to live a life of meaning and purpose. She brings an inspired approach to her teaching and draws on mindfulness, positive psychology and yogic philosophy to take students on a journey to nourish both the body and mind.