Creative Spotlight : Bethany Smith

We showcase local artists in each Creative Spotlight so you can get to know the local talent! Learn about their work, their insights, their favourite things.
This week we introduce you to the very talented artist and poet: Bethany Smith

What do you do?

I’m a visual artist and poet who runs live art events in major cities around the world. I promote/sell the work of other artists while I perform live art with them in music venues. These TuneArt events are about creating visual representations of music and recontextualising these venues into gallery spaces. I was also just in Cuba filming a documentary on creatives and directing/producing electronic music clips.

What is your most recent obsession?

Vegetables and old dictionaries. Seriously I think people underestimate the deliciousness of vegetables & how amazingly versatile they are. For example vegie chips, sweet potato pies and desserts. As for old dictionaries, did you know our dictionaries change every year? Fifty years ago our vocabulary was quite different. Language becomes so precious when it only exits within a certain time and place. Therefore we should value our vocabulary and the true meaning of our words because they may not exist forever.

If you could change  one thing about the world, what would it be?

Self-love! I truly believe that empowering people to accept and love themselves for their differences will make this world a better place. Once you are happy with yourself, then you can exude that happiness, which will ultimately change the attitude of the world to positivity. HOWEVER I’d also LOVE to change world hunger! Seriously it’s a basic human necessity, how do we get this so wrong? Supermarkets are discarding at least a third of their products and yet people are starving; we need to do something!

What is your definition of having your shit together?

Looking in the mirror and being able to say to yourself (with a smile and edge of excitement of course) “I’ve got this, I can totally achieve anything”. PLUS never being late (it’s common courtesy and says a lot about your frame of mind if you are always late).

What inspires you?

People’s stories; can’t get enough of them. You could fall in love with anyone if you spent the time getting to know them. People are all so beautifully unique and we have so much to learn from each others experiences. Why do you think TED talks are so popular?

What advice do you have for aspiring Artists?

No one will believe in your art until you believe in it most. This means believing in yourself needs to come first. Also life is a process, don’t be so hard on yourself when things aren’t working out because you need the struggle to realise the value in other experiences. Magic is always waiting around the corner, you just need to be open to it…stay open and observant always!

What are your biggest challenges as a Creative?

Procrastination, distraction & oh too many projects at once. It’s always best to focus on one concept and give it the energy it deserves. Plus it’s important to collaborate; life shouldn’t be about competition but collaboration instead. In the end the results will be far more amicable.

What role does mindfulness play in your creativity and/or life?

Everything! If we aren’t mindful, then we are not conscious. If we are not conscious, then we are disconnected. We need to tune into the world in order to get something out of it and we need to tune into the needs of the people, before we will be able to achieve any of our our needs. Gratitude is also HUGE! Show your love and gratitude to others; it will seriously make their day and yours too! It all starts with a smile…

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