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    Danielle Hanrahan
    Counsellor and Mindfulness Practitioner


    Danielle believes every individual has an unfolding story tell – one that sometimes can be difficult to understand. She explores these stories in relation to her client’s belief systems, culture and sense of self.

    Her goal is to help individuals understand themselves better in order to be the best versions of themselves and form strong, genuine and supportive relationships with others in their lives. 

    By combining a number of techniques from the areas of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Positive Psychology, Life Coaching and Mindfulness-based practices, she takes a person-centred approach and supports individuals manage challenging issues, such as life transitions and change, anxiety and finding purpose and meaning. Danielle also incorporates her interests and knowledge in the areas of neuroscience, psychology, spirituality and feminine archetypes, in her work.


    Graduate Certificate in Career Development

    Graduate Certificate in Counselling

    Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy (ongoing professional development)

    Areas of Expertise

    Life purpose and coaching
    Career mapping and development
    Positive psychology

    “One of the biggest challenges for any human being is to understand how to be themselves while also being able to relate and interact with other people. When we relate to the world from an authentic, honest and compassionate place, we not only attract like-minded people who operate from the same space, but we find ourselves more resilient to relationship breakdowns and more able to feel genuinely loved, trusted and supported in the relationships we have.”
    “We have grown up in a world that has conditioned us to think, behave and react in certain ways. However, slowly, many of us have started to awaken from this unconscious way of living to one where we want to take control of our lives by understanding the external forces that influence us, and the internal mechanisms that shape how we perceive the world and ultimately, live our life. Through greater understanding of ourselves and our place in the world, we become empowered, motivated and committed to living a life on our own terms and inspiring others to do the same.”



    Call: (02) 9212 5469